It’s weird how the past 2 weeks have gone by so quickly, but at the same time it feels like I’ve been here for months. We’ve seen and done and learned so much. It’s hard to believe that in 2 weeks this adventure will be over, and I will have to completely switch gears back to my ‘normal life’. In some ways I am looking forward to that, but in others I am dreading it.

In my normal job, I usually know what to expect every day. I’ve been working with the same client and team members for a while, and I know who can help me solve which problems. Here, that is not the case. Not only did I have to get acquainted with a new client, but I’ve been working with totally new team members. When I have a question, I don’t know who to ask to help me get the answer and many times when I do ask a question, I don’t totally understand the answer I get back. To be honest, this has been really difficult for me. But I think that this will be what benefits me the most at the end of my CSC experience.

Working with our client and one of our translators from the hotel

As most of you know, I’m a huge planner. I like knowing what to expect and planning accordingly (and planning for a few back-up scenarios too, just in case). I haven’t been able to do that here. I have to take each day as it comes, do what I can, and go from there. I’ve had to accept that I’m not going to have all the answers and I’m not going to present a ‘perfect solution’ to all of my client’s problems at the end of 4 weeks – and that’s ok. Everyone involved is still benefitting from my presence and work here, and that’s really all that matters.

 Our client took us out to dinner on Friday to celebrate a hard week of work

I’m hopeful that this outlook will live on, at least in some ways, when I come home. And Andrew probably wouldn’t mind if I stopped making 2 back-up plans for everything we do 😉

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